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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Wild Women's Gathering 2007

Here we are! Happy Wild Women getting ready to sing together and howl at the moon. I'm there in the middle with the brown dress, Loba to my right and our apprentice Annie to the left. Our new intern, Kyra, is to the far left in the pretty pink peasant blouse.

All of the women were so special, and this Wild Woman's Gathering is certainly the best I've ever co-lead with Loba and may in fact be the BEST Gathering ever in eight years!

Together we ground cacao, cardamom and chili by hand on an ancient Mogollon metate, we made molé, tamales and special spiced sauces for around-the-fire chocolate delights. And we cried sweet tears of both grief and joy on the warm summer earth as we shared and learned, danced and laughed. We swam like otters in the beaver pond and gathered medicinal plants on the river bank.

Here we are cuddling up, with Rhiannon wrapped around our new student, Jenya's arm. Our youngest Wild Woman at thirteen, Roya is grinding grain on the metate and Loba and I (nearly invisible) are cuddling our dear friend Roxanne, who drove a huge distance and brought us many yummy gifts. In fact, all of the women who came brought delicious treats to contribute to our communal feasts.

And here's lovely Ellen in the red shirt singing beautifully. We all came together and wrote two new songs around the fire, complete with harmonies and four part rounds! The two women on the far right are Sarah and Sandy, both from the Pacific Northwest. Sarah has been coming to the Canyon for at least six years, and brought her beautiful daughter Roya for her first ever WWG! Sandy came to experience the wildness of the Gila and went home with a new sense of connectedness and authentic purpose.


Angie Goodloe LMT, Herbalist said...

I would love to come to one of your gatherings, perhaps someday me and Ella will be there to share! Just from the pictures I could feel the incredible energy, beautiful!

Darcey Blue said...

it is lovely! i'm sad i wasnt there this year.

Oakmoss Changeling said...

Oooh, I hope you can both come in the future!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a wonderful time you all had! The pictures say it all-
Wild Women! My heart swells!

The Medicine Woman is glad you came...

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