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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New Look & Labels

Welcome to the new Wild River look of the Medicine Woman's Roots blog! Not only is it prettier and more personalized, but I've also organized the labels that accompany each post in order to make everything easier to find. I've also signed up for Feedburner so that you easily subscribe to my blog in case you don't want to constantly be checking the site. There's a link in the right bar just below the Medicine Woman picture to subscribe through a reader or by email.

There are only five different labels for now:

Medicine Woman Materia Medica
- Self explanatory, individual or combined profiles of herbs and how to work with them.

Therapeutics and Nutrition
- Having to do with treating a specific problem, or talking about an approach to treating people through herbs or nutrition.

Tales of the Sweet Medicine
- River Tales! These will be long or short stories about the Sweet Medicine River, the Canyon and two-leggeds that are here.

Green Tidbits
- Short Canyon updates and little herbal bits.

From the Hearth
- Posts that included recipes for yummy foods or helpful medicines.

Some posts will have multiple labels of course, but you can go to the labels list (Ways of Learning) to the right and if you just want to read the stories, you can click on Tales of the Sweet Medicine and pick from those posts.

I may add new categories in the future, but I think this is a nice start.


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