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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wild Honeysuckle Impressions

Part used: Flowers & Flower buds
Taste - bitter, sweet
Energy - very cooling, slightly moist

I've been trying out the Honeysuckle the last few days and want to share my impressions.

I generally have a deep wiry pulse, Honeysuckle caused it be closer to the surface, slower and calmer (it almost seemed like a normal pulse LOL), while increasing circulation. It is distinctly relaxing and cooling, an opening impression can be felt in the chest and the sinuses are relaxed as well. It's one of those herbs that moves energy up towards the head making one feel lighter. I can feel how it is very suited to acute feverish states and infections.

It seems very Pitta reducing, and therefor a good nervine for hot-headed, tense, type A people. It calms the edgy CNS brittleness so common in burned out Pitta personalities, it cools and seems to moisten just the tiniest bit, soothing the nerves and thoroughly relaxing without inducing sleepiness. I do believe it would help cranky feverish children (or adults) relax enough to aid sleep. It also eradicated the minor headache I had. I look forward to trying in other aches and pains as it is reputed to be great for virus induced achiness and well as headaches etc.

I would not advise it for naturally spacey/airy people of a Vata type constitution except for use with an acute infection/inflammatory/febrile disorder.

I would be very interested to hear experiences others have had with this plant.

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