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Friday, February 16, 2007

The Sap is Running

The Cottonwood trees are budding, the Pink Filaree is already blooming and the Mugwort and Mallow are growing so rapidly I can hardly keep up with them. We had Spring Nettle soup a few nights ago and I'm eagerly anticipating the return of the Watercress (provided the Spring floods don't come early this year). The river is up from recent precipitation in the form of snow and rain, and probably a bit of snow melt from higher up as well.

Of course, I'm already plotting about what new plants I might find this Spring (I know there's Spikenard around here SOMEWHERE), what greens and herbs I want to grow (amazingly hard here on a lot of levels, but worth it) and what plants I need to harvest and propagate. I've got extra help with the gardens this year since I found Lisa Rayner's book Growing Food in the Southwest Mountains, an amazing permaculture guide to arid mountain ecology.

I'm also already planning this May's
Medicine Woman's Wild Plant Workshop, a four day intensive on relationship with the plants. I expect this workshop will turn into one long wonderful rambling plant walk. Those interested can write to me or register at the above link.

I'm also leading a plant walk, and teaching a Medicine Woman workshop with my partner Loba at this year's Women's Retreat at
3SidedWhole in the desert outside of Albuquerque in early May.

I love Spring in the Gila!


Anonymous said...

I'm jealous: we're facing at least one more month of snow and ice, and it'll be June (or July) before the mallows flower.

Oakmoss Changeling said...

Well, I should mention that I cheated with the mallow photo, as it's from last Spring.. they're up and running but probably won't bloom for another month...

We could get hit with more cold too, but it really feels like Spring at the moment... and the plants seem to agree....

You're jealous now, but you'll feel better in July when it's lovely in Finland and we're in the midst of summer drought and forest fires... :)

Anonymous said...

Heh yes. And it is lovely to look at your summery photos, when it's -10C outside.

Unknown said...

I will be returning to ABQ in a few weeks. I have been living in Oregon and learning herbs. Due to the move I had to leave the herb school I was in. I want to tap into the native medicinals when I get to town. Any ideas of teachers etc?

you can e-mail me at jessjc2@hotmail.com

The Medicine Woman is glad you came...

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